Live Snooki Pouf Demo! At...Stonewall Inn! (Where Else?)

It's not often that queer comedy and beauty blogging intersect. Step 2 of rectifying that will be my upcoming interview with Kelli Dunham—boi comic, ex-nun, and "nerdalicious" author. Step 1 will be attending her Juxtapositions show on Monday, February 28, at the Stonewall Inn. Each month, the Juxtaposition crew (Kelli and cohost Jessica Halem) select a theme and interview people whose passions intersect with the topic. This show's theme is image and appearance, and photographer Syd London and makeup artist/hairstylist Bryn Kelly will be there to chat and do their thing. (In Bryn's case, "their thing" is a live demonstration of the Snooki pouf.)

Anyway: I'm excited to go because the more alternative perspectives on beauty and appearance we have out there, the more fun this sandbox is. If any New Yorkers want to join me, shout out or show up; I'll be the one in lipstick. (I can say that because it's Monday, not Friday, i.e. All Natural Day, as a part of participating in Rosie Molinary's experiment, for which I will fudge the rules and use my dry shampoo. If you haven't washed your hair since September, I think it's allowed.)