How to Make a Midsummer Floral Wreath

A change of pace for me, given the season—a how-to on making a traditional Swedish handmade floral wreath for Midsummer. The summer solstice according to "nature" was yesterday, but Scandinavians know that it should be a full weekend celebration, so Swedes will be celebrating this Friday and Saturday. You can too, if you head over to The Hairpin to read my piece on how to make wreaths with fresh flowers to wear in your hair as you dance around the maypole! (I also have a guide to not looking at yourself so damned much over there.)

Stay tuned for more on the Swedish aesthetic, with an upcoming interview with Swedish artist Martina Molin; if you can't wait, now's a good time to revisit my interview with Swedish-American artist Annika Connor (also pictured above, on a Midsummer past, wearing the type of wreath we instruct you on over at The Hairpin). Glad Midsommar!