I'll Be Home for Christmas

Portrait of the Blogger Working as a Mall Christmas Elf, 1994

People! Writing The Beheld has made this year exceptional for me, and anyone reading is a part of that. But much of what inspires my thoughts here in the first place is having grown up in a family that exists at pretty much opposite ends of the spectrum as far as attitudes toward beauty, giving me a consistently varied perspective on how and why any of us choose to present ourselves the way we do. You’ve already met my low-maintenance mother, who told me Cinderella got the prince because she was “so clean,” not because she was beautiful; through her you’ve met my grandmother, who, in her mid-80s, remains an impeccably styled fashion plate with a dazzling lipstick collection (and who took me for my first manicure).

And I am so very fortunate to be able to spend time over the holidays with both of these women—and with my father and brother and both grandfathers and various aunts (who took me to get my ears pierced when I was 10) and uncles. I know myself better than to think that I’ll be able to truly unplug while I’m away (and for the record, “away” means Gun Barrel City, Texas, and no, that is not my private nickname for it but rather the actual legal name of the municipality), but I’m going to take out my cyborg wire that semi-permanently connects my brain to the internet so that I can actually spend time with my family instead of just in the same house with them.

The upshot is: I’ll be doing my Friday roundup (beauty news never sleeps) but won’t be back with regular posts until after Christmas. And I’ve got some fun news to announce soon that will (hopefully!) ensure that content will be stronger and more regular than ever, so please do stay tuned!

May your holidays be full of any or all of the following attributes of your choice: peace, joy, glamour, peppermint bark, togetherness, devotion, cheer, stillness, only the seasonal music you like and none that you don’t—and, as ever, beauty.