Vote for Me, S'il Vous Plaît?

I'm pretty much thrilled to have been nominated for the Marie Claire Most Wanted Beauty Blogger award. It's particularly thrilling that it's Marie Claire that took notice, since they have a long record of publishing excellent women's journalism of the sort that makes me proud to have worked in women's magazines.

The Beheld is up against some seriously big names in beauty blogging, like BellaSugar, YouBeauty, Into the Gloss, and The Beauty Brains—and is the only blog run independently (that is, it's just me here, folks, no creative director or whatnot). I'd be honored if you'd take a minute to vote for The Beheld (or whomever, I'll never know!). And if you'd like you can also enter to win a gift bag chock-full of goodies, so hey, incentive!